Hello 2016

Well, here it is another year and as I watch the heavy snow fall, I wonder what surprises this year will bring to Seven Springs Ranch. It is a Presidential election year, so the media is full of campaign rhetoric. We wonder if there will be voracious fires eating our forests here in the West as there were last year. Will we see abundant wildlife here again? Will we have to deal with many, many fallen trees?

No overseas travel for us except for a short jaunt to Hawaii with friends. A dude ranch with the grandchildren, a white water raft trip with Michigan friends, a wedding in Texas are all on the agenda, in addition to the routine maintenance of the house and yard and reconstruction of part of Sunny’s rock wall. As we travel to urban areas such as San Francisco and Houston, we are reminded how much we love it here sans the hustle and bustle, the noise, the crowds. Put the smart phones and tablets aside, listen to the wind in the trees, the birds call; walk around the paths and logging roads, watch the fish jump in the pond. Contemplate the beauty and serenity of nature. Come visit us.