April and Spring is here

It has been a year since Ron’s shoulder surgery, and he is almost all the way back to normal. So that means we will have lots of projects: re-siding the workshop; putting sheet rock inside, building a shed for the boat, cutting up trees that fell during the winter.  Not to mention all the mowing and cleaning of streams. But almost all the snow has melted, save a patch or two in the meadow. The birds are out in force, and this morning I heard an osprey bawling me out.

Ron has been away for two weeks and I have been “hibernating” in my sewing room doing lots of projects. I am also taking two online classes: one in drawing using a drawing program and then turning the output into an embroidery design, and another on embellishment, using a needle punch machine. The latter is being taught by an instructor in City & Guilds (a very well-known school in Great Britain) and I am excited about it. I am also learning how to make lingerie – starting out at first with a camisole and panties for Raven, our little granddaughter. Here is a link to some of my sewing work: http://tinyurl.com/d2snlm

Sunny Chandonais

Sunny is a grandmother of three beautiful children (doesn't every grandmother think this?) who loves to sew, garden and walk in nature.

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April and Spring is here
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