Spring? and Ron’s Shoulder

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We went from a weekend of temperatures in the 70s to snow and daily  temperatures in the 40s.  It snowed 3 inches last night and is supposed to snow up to 7 inches or more tonight! WHEN is spring coming?  Even the deer are tired of it, looking desperately for something to eat beneath the white.

Ron had rotator-cuff surgery Wednesday, and today is Saturday.  He is doing better and we are looking forward to  his being healthy and fit again so we can get on with projects!  (Hah!  The doctor says “Not this year.”)

Even though we are cooped up indoors, we do web-cam with the grandchildren, and it makes everything better when we see those little ones smiling and happy.  And little Casper with his helmet!  I do believe he loves to go for bike rides.  It’s hard to believe he will be bicycling with his Poppy and Mommy one of these days.  We used to go on the “down-ups” with Tatyana and Patrick in California and thoroughly enjoyed it.

In hopes of warmer weather, I have planted tomato seeds indoors and some dahlias outside!  Once I see little sprouts I will feel better.



Spring is here (almost)

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While it is still snowing, the calendar says it is spring. We arrived home Thursday, March 27 after leaving March 14 for a six week trip to Utah and California then back. We saw some beautiful scenery in Utah and hope to return to Zion and hike the slot canyons. Ron has a recurring shoulder injury that prevented us from seeing the grandchildren (boo-hoo), but there are some great pictures on http://flickr.com/photos/sunnysewsit/collections/

Check out Spring Trip to Utah, Parts 1 and 2. We will post on Ron’s shoulder as soon as we find out more information.



Winter on the mend

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It is March, and although we still have occasional snows, the birds and animals know it will soon be warm. We have even had ducks try out the pond which is finally thawing. The sky is a brilliant blue, and the stars at night are clear and crisp, allowing Ron to enjoy his new telescope. The other night he saw the Horsehead Nebula in Orion’s belt. Exciting stuff! We are looking forward to warmer weather, guests, and more fishing and boating!



Winter at Seven Springs Ranch

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It is January 16 2008. After a recent snowfall the ground is a brillant white and glistens in the light of an early morning sun. The night was very cold (-1.5 at 7:00am.) It is all very beautiful.



Cabin side yardCabin Spring 2Cabin Front YardCabin, SnowIMG_0342IMG_0341


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