Hello 2016

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Well, here it is another year and as I watch the heavy snow fall, I wonder what surprises this year will bring to Seven Springs Ranch.  It is a Presidential election year, so the media is full of campaign rhetoric.  We wonder if there will be voracious fires eating our forests here in the West as there were last year.  Will we see abundant wildlife here again?  Will we have to deal with many, many fallen trees?

No overseas travel for us except for a short jaunt to Hawaii with friends.  A dude ranch with the grandchildren, a white water raft trip with Michigan friends, a wedding in Texas are all on the agenda, in addition to the routine maintenance of the house and yard and reconstruction of part of Sunny’s rock wall.  As we travel to urban areas such as San Francisco and Houston, we are reminded how much we love it here sans the hustle and bustle, the noise, the crowds.  Put the smart phones and tablets aside, listen to the wind in the trees, the birds call; walk around the paths and logging roads, watch the fish jump in the pond.  Contemplate the beauty and serenity of nature.  Come visit us.



Welcome 2015!

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Snow on bridge (sml) Snow on hot tub (after two cleanings) sml Family Christmas 2014We spent five nice, warm days with the family in Palm Springs, CA.  The grandchildren swam every day, and many of the parents swam and played in the pool also.  (Of course we ALL loved the hot tub!)  We went on a couple of hikes and enjoyed a restful stay.  Ron and I spent almost a week with each daughter before returning to snow and more snow!  We even managed to see an old canoe buddy, Mark Archer, but his wife, Roxie stayed home to “dog sit”.  Hopefully next time!  Now we are getting ready for an overseas adventure to the Galapagos and Machu Pichu!  Then I can think about planting some vegetables in the sun room and putting spring flowers out, once the tulips and daffodils are spent, that is..



2014 Will Soon be Over!

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Jewel tones quilt

Sunset at Hungry Horse

Sunset3 sml

We have had a very busy past few years, with both of us experiencing some minor health issues.  The joy of being grandparents comes around every year at the holidays and when the not-so-little ones come to visit for a week or so.  We love to go camping, boating, fishing and hiking with them.  And of course, Grandpa loves to take them on the fabulous water slides in nearby Columbia Falls.

Sunny has occupied much of her time making quilts and wall hangings and clothing for the grandchildren.  But gardening is a big hit, also, with two raised beds for vegetables (WHEN will we ever get our tomatoes to ripen before Jack Frost visits?), and flowers.  Of course, there is the never-ending mowing as soon as the grass starts growing, usually in May.  This year Sunny had some major repair work to do on her rock wall around the front and side of the house.  Hopefully the ground heaving will have no more ill effects on that wall!

Ron keeps very busy maintaining all the equipment we have amassed around here just to keep the place up!  But he also sold his beloved Honda 500 motorcycle and replaced it with a go-cart (for the Grandchildren, of course, ahem!) We had a very large wind storm pass through in 2013 that took down at least 35 big trees.  This kept the Kubota tractor busy for quite a while.  We had so much firewood, we gave a lot away!

My posts have been very erratic, but I will try to be better in 2015!



Fall is on the wing…

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Well, here it is early November. We went to Michigan recently – gone for a month. Ron’s mom passed away, and we will miss her very much. Cold and rainy, and we are anticipating a long, wet winter again.

Ron has been busy making cupboards for the new kitchen, but that has come to a halt until next spring when the shop will be warm enough for gluing again. At least the kitchen is usable, and we love the new appliances. Grandchildren continue to grow; and Casper and his parents were here this summer, although we did not go outside much because of the mosquitoes!

Kitchen Remodel Progress



Spring 2011

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After a very long, cold, snowy winter, we are having a wet, chilly spring!  Ron is busy building cabinets for the kitchen remodel, and I am making things on the sewing and embroidery machine to sell.  Am also taking a couple of online classes, and coming up will take a class sponsored by the Flathead Quilters Guild which I just joined.



Whew! Where did summer go?

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We have been very busy this year (as usual).  I just finished rebuilding the rock walkway after it had sunk.  This is the third time I have done this, and the last!  Grandchildren Forrest and Raven and their parents visited and we loved having the Littles here.  We just returned from a weekend in Glacier National Park, too, and met up with good friends from Berkeley.  I have been taking online classes from http://shelaghfolgate.blogspot.com

Also taking monthly lessons on digitizing embroidery designs from clipart.  I love doing this!  I finished a few sewing and quilting projects this summer, in spite of having lots of yard work and other things to do.  We had some wonderful families rent the guest cabin, but it looks like fall will soon be upon us!  We are looking forward to getting a couple more camping, fishing and boating trips in before it is too cold.  Last week we floated the Flathead river in our canoe – we want to do it again! Here are some things I worked on

Quilt for newest baby in the family:  Morgan McKay

Quilt for newest baby in the family: Morgan McKay

Denim ragged-edge quilt

Denim ragged-edge quilt

Center blocks in gold

Center blocks in gold

I will try to be more punctual in writing!



April and Spring is here

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It has been a year since Ron’s shoulder surgery, and he is almost all the way back to normal.  So that means we will have lots of projects:  re-siding the workshop; putting sheet rock inside, building a shed for the boat, cutting up trees that fell during the winter.  Not to mention all the mowing and cleaning of streams.  But almost all the snow has melted, save a patch or two in the meadow.  The birds are out in force, and this morning I heard an osprey bawling me out.

Ron has been away for two weeks and I have been “hibernating” in my sewing room doing lots of projects.  I am also taking two online classes:  one in drawing using a drawing program and then turning the output into an embroidery design, and another on embellishment, using a needle punch machine.  The latter is being taught by an instructor in City & Guilds (a very well-known school in Great Britain) and I am excited about it.  I am also learning how to make lingerie – starting out at first with a camisole and panties for Raven, our little granddaughter. Here is a link to some of my sewing work:  http://tinyurl.com/d2snlm



2009 – Where did 2008 go?

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As I sit here, it is beautiful outside – cold, but clear and the sky is resplendant.  We just came back from cross-country skiing, but it looks like our days are numbered as to how long we will be able to ski, since the snow stuck to the bottoms of our skis and no glide!  The deer have been checking our the tips of the tulips, so we’d better get busy putting wire up to fend them off.  Three nighs ago it was minus 17.6 – but this morning it had warmed to minus 7!  We are SO looking forward to spring.  Ron has much chain-sawing to do, and I have yard work to do (repair work) plus we have siding to put on the workshop and a few other jobs waiting.




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And the living isn’t easy! With the warmer weather and the wet spring, lawns and weeds are growing as if there were no tomorrow. Mowing, spraying, trimming and planting are bywords now. The weather ranges from warm to hot during the day and cools down as much as 40 degrees F at night from daytime temperatures. Birds abound – we love the songbirds. And we see occasional fawns with their mothers. An intermittent thunderstorm keeps us on our toes, running to close windows and turn off computers. But Ron’s arm is on the mend, and we look forward to family visitors and guest house renters. We love meeting people and sharing our little bit of paradise.



Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

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For the 4th of June, we have yet to see some prolonged spring days. All the rain and clouds have succeeded in making the grass grow (as well as the weeds in the meadows). All has turned green instead of brown after the thaw. Ron is also on the mend, but I fear it will be another four to six weeks before he can do things with the arm. The rain is better than what the poor Midwest is getting — thunderstorms and tornadoes.

We were visited by Ron’s nephew Eric and his girlfriend over Memorial Day, and in spite of cloudy weather, we all had a great time. Come again Eric! We are counting the days until grandchildren and parents visit in July, also. But we are both sad that we may not see little Casper (our other grandson) until the holidays. But who knows – life surprises us sometimes!



Cabin side yardCabin Spring 2Cabin Front YardCabin, SnowIMG_0342IMG_0341


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